512/ 624 control board

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512/ 624 control board

Post by Steve » Tue Jul 02, 2019 2:49 pm


The board appears to receive the signal from the transmitter and flashes receipt. The motor does not activate and after a short pause I get 2 long and three short flashes. Note that this is the same whether I slide the gate manually into an open, closed or midway position.

I have checked:

1. The fuses.
2. The back-up battery, which is showing 13.75V.

Any obvious diagnostic or something I should try?


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Re: 512/ 624 control board

Post by CHANTELLE » Tue Jul 02, 2019 3:16 pm

Good Afternoon Sir,

Thank you for the inquiry.

The 2 long and 3 short flashes mean gate stopped in midway.
Can you please provide us with the number of beeps the PCB is giving so that we can identify the problem.

Or alternatively please inbox us your contact number so that we can give you a call.

Thank you

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Re: 512/ 624 control board

Post by Leveras » Tue Sep 10, 2019 6:07 pm

Is there anywhere a list of what various beeps mean by any chance, Chantelle?

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Re: 512/ 624 control board

Post by CHANTELLE » Mon Sep 16, 2019 7:59 am

Good morning, I have emailed you the manual as well.

List of audio indications and warnings. PCB 512/624
One continuous beep - PCB is damage, replace PCB.
One 1.5 second beep - “Party mode” has been activated.
One 2 second beep - Factory defaults have been set.
One 2 second beep - Beams are incorrectly wired or faulty when programming the motor.
or Runtime was aborted for whatever reason.
One 3 second beep - Holiday lockout mode has been activated.
One 3 second beep - Gate triggered when motor is in 3 minute overload lockout.
Two 400 ms beeps - Run time programming (calibrating) has been successful.
Two 1 second beeps - Pedestrian mode was activated.
or No AC power is present, running battery power only.
Three 200ms beeps - Battery power is too low, or
Override function is open or faulty.
Four 100ms beeps - Motor is in holiday lockout.
Four 200ms beeps - Check motor/load fuse (512/25amp or 624/10amp).
- Check motor brushes and armature.
- PCB reader not picking up Magnet on motor.
Five 1 second beeps - Holiday lockout mode has been de-activated.
Twenty 100ms beeps - Motor has stalled or overloaded, then check the following points:
1) Gate pulling force (should not exceed 512/12.5kg or 624/15kg)
2) Load pot is set too low (Turn pot completely clockwise)
3) Battery voltage under load (512/12volt or 624/24volt) (Not connected)
4) Gearbox gearwheel.

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